Works on all the Android devices

2Greet – voice over data for all the Android devices without phone vendors’ approval.

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  • Time of deployment
    2Greet can be deployed within a month. Enabling VoLTE for Androids would take a lot more time.
  • Investment
    You don't have to spend money on lots of phones to enable voice over a data connection.
  • No carrier bundle
    Getting your network into the carrier bundle is a long and expensive process, but 2Greet doesn't need it
  • Android support
    Android is the most used operating system out there. With 2Greet you can provide better voice services to most of your users

You don't need the phone vendors' approval for 2Greet

2Greet saves you time and money

You don’t have to buy thousands of phones to provide voice over data connections.

One of the biggest phone vendors requires about half a milion phones purchased to enable VoLTE on their phones for your network. That could lead to milions of dollars in investment for just one phone vendor. You need to setup agreements with dozens of vendors.

2Greet can be integrated into every type of network and works on any Android phone from the box. Save your resources to grow and develop your business rather than buying phones.

2Greet enables voicecalls over LTE, 3G and WiFi Data