Reduce your customer support costs because 2Greet is easy to use for your subscribers. The users only touch the application one time, because everything else is being handled by the default phone DIALER.

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2Greet integrates with the phone’s DIALER and users can make a regular call using the same procedure they are used to. This means your subscribers won’t need extra help and you gain the money spent for customer support services.

The only interaction with the app is during the configuration. Afterwords the phone works automatically over the 2Greet calling account and the users won’t feel any change.

Easy to use for your subscribers because it works over the device's DIALER interface

The subscribers open the app one time

  • 2Greet also manages the calls made from the contacts list.
  • It can operate calls from other applications, like Uber
  • It doesn’t affect the users because they only touch it once for configuration
  • Easy to use wizard
  • 2Greet doesn’t consume the phone battery

One-time setup with 5 simple steps