Advertise security to your subscribers and add it to the service packages to increase your revenue

Want to try 2Greet?​

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You can raise the invoices of your customers by adding security among the services you give them.

Everything is based on your network which means that you control the service and the security. This gives you more control and flexibility over the services you provide and grants the confidence of your subscribers.

Include security to your offer for better profits

Using SRTP​​

The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) is a protocol that provides encryption, message authentication and integrity for your network.

This protocol is used for the voice communication between the users’ phone and the 2Greet function of your network. This SRTP connection for voice is established through the radio network and all the network components until it reaches the 2Greet function. 

Protect the privacy of your subscribers even in roaming

The security is kept even when the user is roaming in the other part of the world. In roaming you don’t have authority over the visited network. The connection between the phone and the visited network’s SGW is not secure in any way.

You can assure encrypted voice calls for your subscribers without any exposure in the visited network.