2Greet vs VoLTE

Cost-effective, WiFi included and security are just a few of 2Greet benefits to VoLTE.

Want to try 2Greet?​

Not sure what is all about?​

  • 2greet core network service available on all Android Phones
    Android devices​
    Unlike VoLTE, 2Greet works on ALL Androids without phone vendor support.
  • Handover from LTE to WiFi
    VoWiFi included​
    It automatically switches to WiFi when is available, unloading the network’s traffic.​
  • 2greet core network service is easy to integrate to you network
    2Greet is easy and fast to integrate. You don't need to change the architecture of your current network.
  • 2greet core network service security
    The voice is encryptedby by default using SRTP​. Advertise this feature and extra charge subscribers for it.
  • Scalability
    2Greet is much more scalable than VoLTE because you can just install more functions into your network if needed.
  • HD audio with 2greet core network service
    HD Voice 2Greet - 2Greet
    Great voice experience for your customers, especially for business conference calls.
  • Raise your earnings with a fraction of the VoLTE costs
    VoLTE is expensive and it consumes a lot of resources which you have to gain back in revenue by raising the invoices.

The time of deployment is less than a month and vendor firmware is NOT needed

Outdistance yourself from the competition using 2Greet

2Greet is easy to implement, scalable and does not require device support. 

For ALL your customers’ Android phones!

No matter which phone they prefer.

And you don’t have to worry about getting your network into the VoLTE carrier bundle. Use that capital to grow your business!

The time of deployment is significantly reduced comparing to VoLTE. In less than a month you can provide voice over any data connection for your subscriber easily.