2Greet Demo​

You can experience 2Greet for FREE!

2Greet is a Core Network function that gives Voice service over LTE, 3G or WiFi. The network integration is seamless.

Test 2Greet first and see if it matches all your expectations. You don’t have to commit to anything until you know for sure this is the right solution for you!

Usually, it costs a lot to test a core network function and make sure it works for your type of network and business. Our experience has taught us the importance of being able to test a new technology and make a decision having all the information and tests done. We are offering technical support within all stages of your project.

You can create a Demo Account and try 2Greet on a few phones to see how it works and check all its benefits.

The Demo Program is free of charge and offers you a chance to check if this is the right solution for your business.