How to install 2Greet

It’s easy to integrate 2Greet into your network.
Watch the video and see for yourself!

  • 1
    Buy 2Greet
    Use the SHOP section and buy directly from the website
    Email and request 2Greet
  • 2
    Install the software
    Use the same procedure as for the other Yate products. Our support team will assist you every step of the way.
  • 3
    Integrate it into your network
    Add a CAMEL connection for the GMSC
  • 4
    Update the HSS/HLR user profile
    Add a CAMEL subscription for 2Greet in the HSS/HLR user profile
  • 5
    Create a Google FCM account
    Find more information here
  • 6
    Get a TLS Certificate
    Get a TLS Certificate
  • 7
    Test implementation
    Test 2Greet and make sure everything is working
  • 8
    Advertise 2Greet
    Inform your subscribers they need to install and configure the application
  • You only need to add ​​a terminated CAMEL subscription for the GMSC​