The application doesn’t consume the device battery and your subscribers won’t uninstall it.

Want to try 2Greet?​

Not sure what is all about?​

It was designed from scratch, following the Android development policy to use as little battery as possible. 

It is JSON-based and uses the Google Firebase notifications to avoid battery usage.

Many Over the Top applications are using old technology that is not inline with Android development policy and as a result the battery usage is quite high. Many users end up uninstalling them.

You need something that works efficiently and with little maintenance cost. The 2Greet application is designed to minimize the costs and maximize efficiency.

The 2Greet application does not drain the device battery

Users have no reason to uninstall 2Greet​​

Your subscribers will let go of any app, no matter how great it is, as long as it drains their battery power. They aim to keep their phones ‘alive’ for as long as possible. The same reason is applied when choosing which apps to download, keep or discard.

Because 2Greet is battery-friendly, subscribers won’t feel the need to uninstall the app after downloading it.

Having better services for no significant effort or consequences is a win-win situation for you and your subscribers!

2Greet oly uses battery during phonecalls.