How 2Greet works​

2Greet is a Core Network function that gives Voice service over LTE, 3G or WiFi. The network integration is seamless.

2Greet is a Value-Added service complementary to the ones you already provide. The only necessary change is adding a CAMEL subscription to the current GMSC.

This technology is for Mobile Network Operators that face challenges in implementing VoLTE. You need an alternative solution for providing voice over data to your subscribers. 

2Greet has 3 components that make the entire process work:

2Greet components

2Greet Function​

The 2Greet function integrates easily into your network and you don’t need to invest a lot of time and money in installing the function. It takes less than a month to implement.

2Greet is a flexible solution because it works with any type of mobile network like 3G, LTE and WiFi, or even 5G in the future. This means you don’t need to hire different kind of engineers for implementation.

2Greet Application​

The 2Greet App developed for the Android devices is easy to use. The subscribers only need to install and configure the app one time. Once the setup is complete, they will continue to use the same phone dialer interface they’re familiar with. It also works over the contacts list or other calling applications such as food ordering apps. 

This means less money for customer support and and more to develop your business.

2Greet Redir​

The 2Greet Redir service is responsible for allocating each SIM to the correct 2Greet function of each network. 

This service makes the first authentication by requiring SIM information in order to return the URL of the 2Greet operator function for further procedures.

Mobile Originated Call

  1. Phone makes call setup request including media offer, receives new call ID and negotiated media
  2. The operator server creates call leg to MSC / softswitch
  3. Call is routed towards called party
  4. In-call event (ringing, answered) arrives from called party
  5. Event is propagated back to operator server
  6. Phone is notified about event on the polling connection

Mobile Terminated Call

  1. Call arrives from PSTN
  2. Call is for a subscriber so is routed to GMSC
  3. GMSC makes SRI request to HLR, receives terminating CAMEL subscription information
  4. The gsmSSF in GMSC creates connection to operator server (gsmSCF) and sends IDP (termAttemptAuthorized)
  5. The operator server sends a message to FCM for the registered notification ID
  6. FCM delivers the application notification to the phone
  7. The phone makes a call pickup request using the received call ID, receives negotiated media properties
  8. The gsmSSF performs a connect operation to a temporary landing number
  9. The call is delivered to the operator server where it picks up the waiting call leg
  10. Answer and further in-call events are sent by the phone and propagated over the call path