2Greet over WiFi

Earn more money by decreasing your radio network and eliminate the costs of Femtocells.

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You can also provide VoWiFi with 2Greet. It switches to WiFi whenever the connection is available and your network sessions are significantly reduced.

Supporting voice over WiFi means you can decrease your radio network. This way you can grow the number of subscribers using the current network at the same costs.

By expanding the number of subscribers with the same network equipment you can develop your business and increase your income.

Decrease your radio network and make more money by growing the number of subscribers

Replace Femtocells with WiFi

The fact that 2Greet switches automatically and provides voice over the WiFi connection means that users can go over their WiFi instead of installing femtocells.

Femtocells provide coverage in places where the signal to the main cells is too weak, like your subscribers homes.

Selling Femtocells to your subscribers is not cost-effective for anyone. The users have to buy them in order to get signal inside their homes and you lose money whenever you close such deal. 

Nowadays, everyone has WiFi router at home and most of the users just disable data and use the WiFi network. 

2Greet allow fallback from LTE to WiFi

2Greet supports handover between LTE to WiFi and vice-versa

Handover WiFi means transferring the ongoing call from the current mobile network to the WiFi network.

Because 2Greet is a data transport agnostic, the handover between LTE and WiFi is being handled by the Android operating system.