The voice service is available for the user in every situation because 2Greet can CS Fallback to the GSM / UMTS network whenever data is unavailable.

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2Greet gives users access to voice service over circuit switching.

In case your subscribers are roaming in countries with no internet coverage. Many networks around the world lack data connectivity and your subscribers need to use voice services no matter what. 

Many Over the Top applications do not provide fallback for circuit switching. That leads to situations when users do not have any type of voice service.

2Greet sends calls over GSM or UMTS if data is unavailable​ or you don't have coverage in some areas

Fallback is used only when is absolutely necessary

Using the fallback connection often results in higher costs, you’ll want to reconnect to the 2Greet service as soon as possible. 2Greet switches back to using data automatically.

This means that your GSM network sessions are reduces considerably and you can use the radio spectrum for the LTE or future 5G coverage.