Voice solution for LTE-only networks

Decrease the costs of roaming agreements for voice and grow your network’s efficiency.

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2Greet makes it possible for you to spare the money of roaming agreements and use them to develop your business.

If you have an LTE-only network, you need to use CSFB for voice. This is available only through a roaming agreement. Paying the visited network for voice sessions every time a call is made is expensive and you have to rely upon the visited network.

Decrease the use of your roaming agreements for voice and increase your productivity

The opportunity to become independent

Gain independence for your LTE network without the need of CSFB  for voice services.

Depending on the visited network doesn’t give you much control over your business and the services you provide to your subscribers.

2Greet gives you the opportunity to become independent and to decrease the roaming costs in the areas you have LTE coverage.

2Greet is also the solution if you don’t have a roaming agreement for voice in specific areas.

Extend your radio network

You can grow your radio network coverage knowing you provide voice without the visited network. You can develop your business and expand your network using the roaming costs. 

If you don’t have 4G coverage in some areas, 2Greet will fall back to the 2G/3G visited network according to the roaming agreements and make the call using circuit switching. Voice services are guaranteed no matter the connection.