CSFB is not necessary

Expand your LTE network instead of spending your resources on keeping old equipment for CSFB.

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  • Shut down the old generation equipment
    You can use your money to evolve your network and invest in future technologies. Keeping the GSM or UMTS equipment is expensive and not necessary anymore.
  • Manage only one type of network
    Managing LTE networks for data and 2G/3G networks for voice is difficult and expensive. 2Greet is the opportunity to manage only LTE networks and make things easier.
  • Charge the same amount invoices with fewer costs
    You don't need to spend money in keeping the old networks alive and this means your costs for providing voice will be reduced, but the income will remain the same
  • Quality of Service
    Improve your business and take advantage of LTE networks. Quality of service helps you control how resources are allocated in the network and you can develop your business plan accordingly.

Use 2Greet for voice services and stop wasting resources on 2G/3G coverage

Increase the capacity of your network with the same spectrum resources

You don’t need to invest more money in LTE or 5G spectrum because you can reuse the freed 2G/3G spectrum that you got the license for. 2Greet is the accessible technology for future voice services.

Frequency reuse allows you to increase the number of customers that you can serve within a geographic area using the same amount of radio spectrum you currently have.