HD Voice Calls

Promote HD Voice quality even for conference calls and raise your earnings for the same costs. 2Greet to 2Greet calls have default HD Voice.

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You can use HD Voice for your marketing strategy and extra charge your subscribers for this feature. Scratchy, fuzzy or bad sound quality is becoming more and more irritating for users. They often get annoyed with the poor voice quality they are experiencing and this has to improve.

2Greet solves that problem for you, so poor voice services won’t be one of the problems on your list.

Advertise crystal clear voice without interference or background noises

2Greet makes conference calls eligible

“Can you repeat? Who said that?” or “What? I couldn’t hear you!” can be one of the most frustrating things to experience during a conference call!

No more of that because 2Greet gives you HD Voice calls. This particular feature is important for conference calls because there are more than two participants and it’s difficult to understand and have a reasonable experience without HD Voice.